Retro Diary – 2/10/11 – What!? That’s not Random!!

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Yes, it’s that time again, folks, it’s time for another retro diary, the most bland, boring and repetitive blog series on the face of the internet!

This week was the console that started all of this Retro nonsense, the Nintendo 64, and we had alot of fun, surprisingly.

Unfortunately, my cousin forgot to bring his games and controllers, because he thought it was Dreamcast week, I’ll explain how the week system works below, so we were stuck with just 2 controllers, kind of ironic when you think about it, because we had 4-controllers on PSone week because of the multi-tap, when we usually have 2. It’s just as well I brought in my copies of games he had, just in case he forgot, what I forgot myself, as to bring in Lylat Wars, I was exited about that!

My other cousin gave me back my controller after giving his back a few weeks back, after the mix up of controllers after Gamecube week all of those weeks ago.

Anyway, here are the game we played:

    In the order we played them:

  • 1080 Snowboarding
  • Ridge Racer 64
  • Goldeneye
  • Pokémon Stadium
  • Super Smash Bros.

We were playing Ridge Racer 64 the most, I forgotten how much fun it was.

I was humiliated this week, as somehow, I’ve lost ALL of my games, I guess I wasn’t on top form today, because I did awful in the game I thought I was good at.

If you’re wondering what the title is all about, well, it’s yet another in-joke, where we, for a joke, assume that “random” is it’s own stage/song/whatever rather than choosing all of the existing ones randomly, so when random does it job, and randomly chooses a stage/song/whatever, we’re like “That’s not random!”, “You call that random!?”, stuff along those lines.

Ever since I’ve started this series, I’ve never specified the list of weeks that we’re doing, as in, what console do I own, and what order we’re doing it weekly, I’m going to rectify this problem, just to clear some heads:

  1. Mega Drive – 1990
  2. Atari Jaguar + CD – 1994/1996 – Optional, as I only have a couple of games and only 1 controller for it.
  3. Sega Saturn – 1995
  4. Sony Playstation – 1995
  5. Nintendo 64 – 1997
  6. Sega Dreamcast – 1999
  7. Sony Playstation 2 – 2000
  8. Microsoft Xbox – 2002
  9. Nintendo Gamecube – 2002
  10. Microsoft Xbox 360 – 2005
  11. Nintendo Wii – 2006

My brothers have been playing Pokémon Stadium all week, and I’m sick of it, the only people to visit my room are my brothers asking to play it, I suppose I should be somewhat happy that SOMEONE has an interest of old games, but these guys are 6 and 7 years old. I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining, so I won’t be.

One last thing, I’ve made up a game, pick a year, any year, usually a year associated with the console your playing, pretend it’s that year, and if anything released, made, born or happened after the chosen year, you go “What/Who’s *Insert object here*?”, you can also keep count if you like, me and my cousins play it alot.

Why an I telling you this, no reason really, it’s just that if you’re that into retro stuff, then you could give it a try with your friends or cousins.

That’s it for todays retro diary, I’ll see youse here next week when it’s Dreamcast week!



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